Quincy Quarries

I had a magical experience on a recent, sunny day.

Here’s what I expected: an exciting afternoon as a passenger on my boyfriend’s racing motorcycle — feeling its pull underneath my thighs, the thrill of holding on so I don’t go splat on the street (which has gotten more thrilling, less overwhelming as time goes on).

What I didn’t expect: to walk into an enchanted land of bizarre, painted rocks, that I hadn’t known existed. This is the Quincy Quarries.

We had gotten lost – the recipe for anything interesting – and Akira suggested, “how about we go to that park we passed?” We left the bike in the lot and followed a small trail that cut through a sparse grove of trees surrounding various small boulders. Our first hint of the unusual was the painted slogans on some of these rocks: “Teachers Inspire” and “Die 4 My Bitch.” I still regret forgetting to take a couple’s selfie next to that one.

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Here’s What I Can Do For You

Hello, friends,

I’m in the process of trying to publish a book. It’s a wild and wooly process. Actually, that metaphor doesn’t fit. Right now, it feels like I’m Cinderella, but I didn’t get to go to the Palace — that glittering Palace of writers with “platforms” who get published. Little by little, I’ll make my way, and my Fairy Godmother, to me, will take the form of Father, Son, Holy Spirit, friends, other writers, artists, family helping me, my mind and body blessedly being able to do what they need to do.

I’m reading about how to build a writing platform, and the first piece of advice was to find what you’re an expert in and start celebrating it. So, here we are! I present you with my areas of expertise. Glad to help.

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